Dell XPS 13 9380 hackintosh macOS Catalina 10.15.3

tháng 11 04, 2021

Dell XPS 13 9380 Hackintosh 98%

Hardware configuration reference
CPU: QuadCore Intel Core i7-8565U, 4500 MHz (45 x 100)
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620
Memory: 8GB
Display: 1920x1080 built-in Sharp screen model is coded by DELL
Wireless network card: USB Wifi Comfast CF-811AC | driver:
System: macOS 10.15.3 Catalina
BIOS1.8.0 is actually the same, there is no need to upgrade
Model: XPS13 2019 (9380)

System installation

If you are a novice, please completely install the installation tutorial to operate.

  • 1. Reference Documents
  • 2. important instructions & BIOS settings
    • 1. Lossless conversion of hard disk Raid mode to AHCI mode, refer to the link
    • 2. Uncheck Secure Boot-Secure Boot Enable. Find it in the BIOS. Don't install black apples if you can't find this.
    • 3. The second stage of the installation will report an error, please do not! ! ! Just reboot into the system;
    • 4. Carry the EFI to the hard disk, and then execute the ALCPlugFix in the attachment
  • 3. Known issues:
    • 1. Siri is unavailable, and has been asking me to repeat it (maybe the language is not good, manual funny).
    • 2. The built-in wifi killer network card cannot be used, and the 9380 cannot be changed. External! External! External!
    • 3. The headset does not work (Jack_MIC).
    • 4. Plug in the headset and wake it up. The headset cannot be used and needs to be unplugged once.
  • 4. matters needing attention
    • The power adapter is not recognized (the battery does not display the charging symbol), plug in the power supply under the mac, and unplug it to use about 5% (in fact, it will do a little), shut down and restart. If you can't do it more than once, it will be fine
    • There is no mouse pointer on the screen, stick out your noble pig feet, just click on the screen. (I usually order the starter)
    • My hard disk INTEL 760P DELL hit the vest, other hard disks do not know whether it can be used, dsdt put a hard disk patch.
    • System test passed:
      • 1. OS X 14.4.4, 14.4.6
      • 2. OS X 10.15.3
    • After the installation is complete, you must install the sound card daemon, you can't use it without installing the headset.